Nocino (Walnut) Liqueur

Nocino in Italian, Noix in French or just plain Walnut Liqueur in the English language; there is nothing plain about this dark and delicious liqueur.  As a digestif or wonderful addition to a Manhattan or other fine cocktail the warm spiciness and slightly bitter taste combine well with a myriad of other flavors.


Lemon Verbena Liqueur

Like a walk through a citrus orchard in bloom this aromatic liqueur embodies the sweet smell of lemon blooms without the sour taste.  Excellent in an aromatic cocktail, a spritz or kir with citrus notes or a digestif  following an extraordinary meal or delicious dessert.


Shiso Liqueur

A favorite flavor in Asian cooking and a delightfully new flavor in liqueurs, this herbaceous  spirit evokes a slight taste of cinnamon with a touch of grassiness.  Delicious in Asian inspired cocktails or equally delicious in a cool summer spritz or with a tall Shiso and Tonic or Ginger Beer.


Yuzu Liqueur

With a heavenly aroma this delightfully subtle citrus liqueur will awaken any cocktail but is essential for Asian inspired libations.  The yuzu fruit is ubiquitous in Japan and will become a favorite spirit in every bar.  Try it neat or as a staring support to aromatic citrusy cocktails.


BETE (A Beet Spirit)

Pronunciation: bet
Norwegian translation: beet
French translation: beast
Sidetrack Distillery translation: a spirit distilled from beets

A truly earthly spirit with the aroma and taste of roasted root vegetables.