Located on our farm in the Green River Valley of Washington State we operate our distillery with a commitment to sustainability of the land.  From composting to re-using the cooling water for irrigation we borrow many techniques and proven methods of the old World farm distilleries.  With the use of hand made copper stills from Portugal, Italian tanks, German fruit presses and various techniques from all over the world we learn from artisans of the past and the sciences of today.


The Spirit Run

A blend of science and craft ensures that the spirit produced is sweet and pure. 




the Passion & the Process

Distilling is just one phase of the process of producing fine spirits. At the beginning of course is the passion for growing the finest ingredients on the farm. Then comes the arduous task of harvesting, crushing, pressing and fermenting the natural ingredients with the same loving care that went into the growing. What comes out of the still is only as good as the fermentation that went in. After the heart of the spirit is collected and mellowed we further age the spirit or infuse it with whole fruits, nuts, herbs or berries and craft our special spirits.