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The Liqueurs

As American as “apple pie,” liqueurs were a tradition in early America.  Most of the early American settlers developed their own secret recipes for making liqueurs they would offer arriving guests as a “cordial” refreshment.  Today the tradition remains but is expanded to using these same cordials in inspired cocktails and as a pairing with other food and drink.  Enjoy Sidetrack Distillery’s return to tradition with fruit forward liqueurs on their own, in cocktails, or paired with your favorite dessert.



NOCINO (Walnut) Liqueur

Kent, WA. Classic in the Alpine regions of Europe, this liqueur is made from green walnuts hand picked at just the right time in early summer. Try this rich dark nutty liqueur with desserts or as a digestif to a fine dinner. Winner “Best of Category” and Bronze Medal at the 2013 American Distilling Institute’s tasting competition.


Shiso LiqueurSHISO Liqueur

Unique in the spirit world shiso is an essential flavoring in Asian cuisine.  This unusual liqueur evokes the spice of the tropics and ends with a refreshingly cool finish.


Lemon Verbena Liqueur

Lemon Verbena Liqueur

The favorite aroma of Scarlet O’Hara’s mother this unique herbal liqueur brings the essence of summer in every sip. A touch of citrus with an herbal note and a warm finish works well as a digestif, mixed with other spirits for a summery cocktail or paired with a memorable dessert to end that special meal.

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32Raspberry Liqueur

Winner of the 2012  Gold Medal and Best of Category from The American Distilling Institute. This liqueur echoes the bold taste of the distillery’s own farm grown raspberries infused in artisan spirits. Enjoy straight, paired with other spirits or desserts.

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Winner of the 2013 “Excellence in Packaging” and Silver Medal from The American Distilling Institute.  Produced from all naturally grown black currants with a delicate balance of sweetness and acidity. The quintessential ingredient in the classic “Kir Royale”  but equally delicious as a cordial or a favorite cocktail.

36      Silver

40Blueberry Liqueur

This liqueur infuses the sweet subtle taste of their own grown all natural berries with a touch of lemon to bring out the full flavor. Sweet but not too sweet, this fruit forward liqueur is a natural digestif or can be used to create unique cocktails and delicious desserts.


42Strawberry Liqueur

This liqueur captures the flavor and aroma of spring by infusing our own farm grown, all natural berries in hand crafted spirits with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy spring all year as a cordial, a star in a favorite cocktail or a digestif with dessert.


44Blackberry Liqueur

Dark and mysterious, this liqueur is bolder than the ordinaire. All natural and not too sweet, it has just enough acidity to bring out the full flavor of our farm grown berries. Try as a digestif, in a featured cocktail or a favorite sparkling wine.