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Specialty Spirits


bete white2

Pronunciation: bet
Norwegian translation: beet
French translation: beast
Sidetrack Distillery translation: a spirit distilled from beets
Kent, WA. A truly earthly spirit distilled from beets with the aroma and taste of roasted root vegetables.  Try as a unique sipping spirit or make that ‘Mary’ with true from the garden taste.  If you like beets you’ll love BETE.  Winner “Best of Category” and Gold Medal at the 2014 American Distilling Institute’s annual judging.

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nocino dark2


Kent, WA. Classic in the Alpine regions of Europe, this liqueur is made from green walnuts hand picked at just the right time in early summer. Try this rich dark nutty liqueur with desserts or as a digestif to a fine dinner. Winner “Best of Category” and Bronze Medal at the 2013 American Distilling Institute’s tasting competition.


Shiso Liqueur

SHISO Liqueur

Unique in the spirit world shiso is an essential flavoring in Asian cuisine.  This unusual liqueur evokes the spice of the tropics and ends with a refreshingly cool finish.