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Eau de Vie / Fruit Brandy

Delicate fruit brandies remain clear straight from the distillation to maintain the delicate nuance of the fruit from which they are distilled. Mellowed in stainless steel instead of in over powering oak, these spirits retain the freshness of their origin. Very expensive to produce they are best enjoyed straight like any fine brandy.

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Strawberry Eau de Vie

Raspberry Eau de Vie

Plum Eau de Vie

 Strawberry brandy2

 Raspberry Brandy  46
 “Eau de Vie de Fraise” in
French, this precious sipping
brandy retains the delicate
taste and essence of
ripe strawberries grown
straight from the farm.
This Eau de Vie, also known
as Framboise, won Gold Medal,
Best of Category at the American
Distilling Institute. A lingering
finish with the taste of fresh
raspberry, enjoy this ‘neat’ for a
true European taste of
the ‘water of life!’


Also known as Slivovitz in
Europe, this sipping brandy is
mellowed in stainless steel
tanks to retain the fresh
subtle fruit flavor of our
homegrown blue plums.